Post Office Currency Converter app on Apple Watch

First Rate launched on the 24th of April 2015 the Post Office Currency Converter app allows you to convert up to 70 currencies on Apple Watch and iPhone.

You can get live daily currency rates that are then stored offline, so even when the internet doesn’t work, this app will. Help you budget while you’re on the move.



Our easy to use, the Post Office Currency Converter enables you to find out how much something costs very quickly. So, if you want to calculate the cost of a cup of coffee in Brazil or an ice cream in Japan all you have to do is tap the app.


Post Office Buy back rates have also been added, so when you have unused currency, you can calculate how much you’ll get back. Helping you budget before, during and after your holiday.



– Up to 70 currencies
– Live proprietary rates refresh every day
– Calculate prices with the currency converter
– Rates that are trusted by millions of people
– Country flags for all currencies (no download required)

– Stores the last updated rates
– Convert prices without internet access

Download and give it a try

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