Corporate Social Responsibility

First Rate believes in conducting business in a sustainable way, which generates profit for shareholders and stakeholders while protecting the environment and supporting the communities within which we operate.

The business is active in promoting corporate social responsibility, ensuring that activities and services take account of our impact economically, socially and environmentally.

Corporate principles which complement our corporate social responsibility are integrated and managed across the business in areas such as health & wellbeing, ways of working, customer experience, environmental considerations, employee fundraising and community involvement.

Just a Drop is our corporate charity partner.

It’s hard to believe that every 20 seconds a child dies from water borne diseases, that’s 4,000 every single day.


As a company that supports travel and tourism we wanted to make a difference to these children who live in some of the countries that our customers visit.

First Rate provides funding to Just a Drop and we also encourage our employees to raise additional funds. This money is put to use constructing wells, boreholes, pipelines, hand pumps and latrines to help those whose only alternative is to walk many miles a day to collect what is usually dirty and contaminated water. All the projects that Just a Drop carries out help the beneficiaries to become more self-sufficient in maintaining and managing the clean drinking water source for themselves, so there is a long lasting benefit. We are delighted to help Just a Drop to achieve these aims.