Summer Holiday Confidence Index held back by mood of uncertainty among holidaymakers

The latest Holiday Confidence Index for summer 2015 suggests that the hoped-for bounce back in confidence after the General Election has not yet materialized when it comes to booking holidays abroad.

Opinions appear to have hardened among those who were previously uncertain and their decision not to travel over the coming 12 months means that all six key measures of confidence that make up the quarterly Holiday Confidence Index (HCI) have fallen with the overall score dropping to 47.  The most significant fall again relates to the intention to travel aboard, which is down three points to 62.  Despite this more negative outlook 55% of respondents to the latest HCI survey, say they intend to take holidays abroad and appear committed to doing so as 60% have booked their first holiday. Created by First Rate in association with the Institute of Travel and Tourism, University of Wolverhampton and YouGov, the report is published three times a year.  It provides individual measures of holiday intent, planned frequency, duration and associated spending which is combined to produce an overall index of consumer ‘holiday confidence’ for the coming 12 month period.


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