Understanding and acting on our responsibility

We recognise that as the UK’s biggest supplier of Foreign Exchange, we are part of the Tourism Industry and consequently contribute to negative impacts on environments, economies and communities. As a responsible FX provider and employer, we are committed to embedding sustainable practices in our product development, operations and marketing.



  • We commit to measuring, managing and monitoring the environmental, economic, cultural and social impacts of our own business activities
  • We commit to working with our stakeholders through a materiality assessment to focus on prioritised UN Sustainability goals to help reduce emissions by 50% by 2030 and aim to be carbon zero by 2050
  • We commit to encouraging our suppliers to improve their contribution to sustainable development

Minimum action to demonstrate action on the commitments

  • We have a sustainability policy and will work to raise awareness and educate our employees on how we can work together to reduce our negative impact on the planet and on people
  • We are working with The Travel Foundation in order to learn how to be better and how to improve sustainability in our operations, product development and marketing. In addition, we are working with The Travel Foundation as our charity partner and consequently contributing to the research and work they are spearheading. Read more here.
  • We are focusing on Diversity and Inclusion. Click here to read more.

Progress in the last 12 months

A group of Department Heads have been working together to review current Operations and ways of working in order to find opportunities to reduce carbon emissions. In that time some key activities have included…

  • Installation of LED lighting in one of our main sites, which will reduce related energy usage by an estimated 70%
  • Production of our pre-paid currency card with sustainable sources, using either biodegradable material or recycled plastic
  • Use of recycled/recyclable plastic for currency bags
  • Updated Procurement and Supplier policies to encourage sustainable partnerships
  • Increased roll out of document signing software to reduce printing and paper usage
  • Partnership with The Travel Foundation including a charitable donation to help fund their critical projects and a consultative approach in our climate action planning