Our insight

The sum of what we know can quickly add up to your advantage

Through our work with the Bank Of Ireland and the Post Office, First Rate has established an enviable reputation for insight and innovation. Together, we have changed the face of foreign exchange (FX) and we continue to break new ground.

To ensure that our understanding is informed and up-to-date, we commission bi-monthly and quarterly trackers surveying the travel and financial exchange habits of UK holidaymakers. We also carry out daily benchmarking, FX media monitoring, profiling, positioning and market share analysis, so our competitor insight is second to none.

This can add value to your business in the following areas:

  • Our consumer insight can help you to identify opportunities for growth and to develop effective propositions and communications for your customers
  • Our industry insight can help you understand the FX environment and facilitate effective forecasting and planning
  • Our commercial insight can build your understanding of relevant trends (e.g. currency, channel, product, seasonal and regional trends) and equip you to make better decisions