What we offer

At First Rate, we provide award-winning financial exchange products and services that enable our clients to build a valuable new revenue stream.

By offering your customers foreign currency and prepaid travel money cards, you can play a more valuable role in their travel experience – and enhance their brand loyalty.

Our products and services can be fully or partially outsourced and are offered white label so you can brand them as your own. And unlike other providers, we don’t ask for our name to be included alongside yours, so any customer goodwill accrues to your business – and your business alone.

Foreign currency

Over 60 currencies available

Next day home delivery
Branch collection
Wholesale exchange rates
Easy online ordering

Prepaid travel money cards

 Multiple currencies available 

Card design and build
Wholesale exchange rates
Easy online ordering

We’re passionate about customer satisfaction

At First Rate, we have almost 20 years’ experience of running our own in-house call centre team and managing third party contact centres on behalf of our clients.

To date, we have handled over 1 million contacts, incorporating the values and standards customers expect of some of the UK’s most trusted brands.

We have an excellent track record of delivering on our contractual requirements for response and call answering times and can share with you how we both forecast our activity and accommodate a continuous high standard of service and growth.

Service and security are paramount too

We guarantee service levels across all key areas and every member of staff has a customer service objective within their annual plan.

We record ‘expressions of dissatisfaction’ as well as any formal complaints. These are then analysed in detail, with owners assigned to investigate and take corrective action to address them and prevent them reoccurring. We also encourage customer feedback by telephone, email, fax or letter and monitor online forums and websites to understand what is being said about our products.

Security is paramount and we have a robust risk management strategy and effective policies and procedures in place to ensure compliance with UK anti-money laundering and terrorist financing regulations. As a result, our distribution centres deliver millions of transactions each year with minimal fuss.

All of these factors, in combination with our culture of continuous improvement, support the delivery of a truly great customer experience.