Picture courtesy of Family Holiday Association

Our charity partner

At First Rate, we like to support charities with a direct link to travel or who work in the countries that our clients and their customers regularly visit. Right now, we are partnering the Family Holiday Association.

For over 40 years, the Family Holiday Association has provided days out and short trips to the British seaside for families dealing with issues such as disability, severe and sudden illness, bereavement, mental health issues and domestic violence.

The majority of these families have never been on a family holiday.

The charity was founded on the belief that holidays are a lifeline, not a luxury. And most of us agree that happy memories of family holidays can stay with us all our lives.

This founding principle is now backed up by solid evidence that shows how spending time together away from their daily struggles can be life-changing for families who are struggling.

First Rate provides direct funding to the Family Holiday Association and we also encourage our employees to raise additional funds towards this highly worthwhile cause.

Pulling together to make a difference

Our support for the Family Holiday Association follows on from a successful five-year partnership with Just a Drop, a charity working with local communities in Cambodia, India, Kenya, Nicaragua, Uganda and Zambia to prevent death and suffering caused by water-borne diseases.

During this time, we helped to deliver seven major projects providing clean drinking water and sanitation benefits to thousands of people.