Our charity partner


the Travel Foundation

Founded in 2003, the Travel Foundation is at the forefront of transformational change for the global tourism sector – helping to ensure it:

  • Understands and undertakes critical action on climate risks
  • Develops in line with community goals
  • Is a more diverse, inclusive and resilient sector


It does this through:

  • Research – helping the industry and destinations understand impacts
  • Advocacy – building global movements of changemakers
  • Practice – demonstrating what ‘good’ looks like, through the development and delivery of projects and programmes


Example project: Crafting Livelihoods project in Jamaica

How we work with The Travel Foundation

Our charitable contributions support the global programme and help fund vital research, advocacy and projects to drive the agenda and practice of climate action, equity and resilience in destinations worldwide.

The Travel Foundation support us with our own sustainability journey, helping us to identify the biggest levers of change and opportunities for innovation, seeking to align our strategy and action plans with the Future of Tourism guiding principles and the Glasgow Declaration.